rock années 2000

The riffs and solos are great. Three Days Grace should be in at least the top 5! They have sick guitar hooks and Matthew Bellamy's vocals can be spectacular if he feels like it.2. Ils arrivent, ils sont là. Hide … Ou au contraire à s’extasier contre toute raison pour des albums sans grand relief… L’essentiel étant que tout le monde ne dise pas pareil, sinon ça vaut pas. My personal favorite for many reasons. (My Chemical Romance... really? So many artists nowadays become absorbed into themselves and create a "music" career that's viability is determined by their personal lives and kept alive by scandal. What does matter is that fancy Global Leadership Award they received recently from the United Nations Foundation, for their efforts to help PowerTheWorld. It is a joke... Red Hot should be in the top 5, of course, and... Linkin Park? Really? 2; COVER VERSIONS – Albums by Steven Wilson, Daniel Cavanagh, Ulver, The Church … and Def Leppard; CARAVAN – Musical Whimsy and Wonder from England’s South Coast They've got it.Me and a friend of mine were at a festival last year, and the Foo Fighters were the main act on the last day. Every song is well-written and singable, which is why people like them so much. The lyrical content is also phenomenal. Par la suite, la magie de ce premier essai ne sera jamais totalement retrouvée. It's absolutely intoxicating. Bands like Travis, Oasis, Keane, Kings of Leon, Kasabian, Incubus should follow up closely well. Queens of The Stone Age est depuis l’origine un groupe à géométrie variable. YES, YES, YES! Alors, plutôt Strokes ou Arctic Monkeys ? Their best songs in my opinion to date are Afterlife, Almost Easy, Beast and The Harlot, Dear God, Critical Acclaim, Bat Country and some others that I've missed out for sure. Et dans ce qui restera son sommet, ce second album, elle replace au-devant de la scène les sonorités des disques Stax ou Atlantic. Hosted by We Are Angels Productions - W2A Productions and Imaginaire Douchy. Can't believe they're this low down (24 at the time of this comment). Listen to these songs and you'll know what I'm talking about 1. Every band above Avenged on this list is the same old crap every single album. I learned the entire album by heart. Qui ne les a pas entendus chanter la Marseillaise (après les attentats de 2015) a manqué un bel épisode de la grande histoire du surréalisme. Hard but melodic vocals and lyrics. Sur le lien play list ci-dessus proposé, tous les titres sont accessibles SAUF le méga hit mondial Heavy Cross, qu’on peut récupérer ailleurs, et qui devint bande originale d’une pub pour parfum, ne me demandez pas lequel, mais Luxe tout de même. The real reason linkin park is my favorite though is because they are not afraid to experiment and yes their music has changed much since hybrid theory but their talent is stronger than ever! A la même période, existera un autre supergroupe nommé Them Crooked Vultures agrégeant aux côtés de John Paul Jones bassiste de Led Zeppelin, deux des lascars cités juste en dessous. Not to mention Travis Barkers incredible drumming skills to top off all their songs. When you think about it do they sound anything like Korn or Limp Bizkit? If you want something creative and meaningful, listen to Deftones! Mais celui-ci ne contient pas que le magnifique et très connu Steady as she goes déjà cité. Holiday 3. Les Pépites du Rock Années 2000 by Topsify France | Public | Non-collaborative "Retrouvez dans une seule playlist les meilleurs titres Rock de 2000 à 2010 ! They don't conform to what is popular at the time, instead they just pump out their own unique punk/rock/groove beats that is different too all else!RHCP are a true testament for lasting the ages. Mais on sait que la reconnaissance ne suffit jamais totalement à ces artistes qui enfants auront été parfois bercés trop près du mur. Their guitarists are AMAZING. Yet they created the Untitled album, which rivaled that of the greatest stuff ever written. Sur cet album-ci, figure aussi Dave Grohl, ex Nirvana, et leader des Foo Fighters. Coldplay is by far in the top three bands of the 2000s alongside Radiohead and Green Day. Playlist DJ va vous aider, nous avons sélectionné à votre place les meilleurs titres en fonction des différents styles musicaux, et vos groupes, chanteurs préférés, soit avec des séries de titre, soit à partir de juke box. "THEY ROCK! Qu’il en aille ou non de même avec Meg White, reconnaissons qu’elle cogne ses fûts comme si ça pouvait freiner l’apocalypse. They changed the pop-punk sound for good. Parfois ils enregistrent de grands disques, et le premier des Raconteurs fait partie de ceux-là… Et croyez-le ? Songs like seven nation army, blue orchid, we're going to be friends, icky thump, and fell in love with a girl are among the best rock songs of the past decade period. 10 more great post-2000 progressive rock albums; 10 More Classic International Prog-Rock Albums; KHAN TENGRI – Aeons (2016) 10 of the best albums of the late 1960s, Vol. Breaking Benjamin not only produces an AMAZING sound from their music, but they also have meanings that can touch a multitude of people. Their songs are so relatable and are so good to just sit there and listen to. Every album is different but they are all so amazing this is my number 1. Ca vaudrait un article à soi seul : tous ces vieux qui ne veulent pas raccrocher, pas encore... Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Neil Young évidemment, Paul McCartney bien entendu, Bob Dylan sans hésitation aucune, Robert Plant (régénéré), Patti Smith (retrouvée, si tant est qu’on l’eût jamais perdue), Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, J.J. Cale, tous trois revenant aux racines du blues… Et David Gilmour ! Dave Grohl, the nicest guy on earth and ex-drummer of Nirvana. Corey Taylor can hit more octaves than any other lead vocalists and his screams are BRUTAL. Il y a chez les Libertines cette permanente impression qu’ils vont basculer d’un côté ou de l’autre du vide. MOST IMPORTANTLY, They have the best chance of knocking Linkin Park out of the top spot so then I won't have to kill myself.Muse, Foo Fighters, and My Chemical Romance are the best True Rock Bands of the decade.I love bands Like Disturbed and System of A Down but they fall better into a "Metal" type of category.I also Love bands like Coldplay, Radiohead, and The Shins but they fall into an alternative "Soft" Rock type of genre.The White Stripes, The Strokes, and Franz Ferdinand are badass but they don't really fit the Rock mold either.Bottom Line: This list is too vague and Linkin Park should retire before The earth throws itself into the sun just so it doesn't have to here it anymore.Oh and ...more. Man, this band is just amazing. Keep making more albums Corey! Reprenez avec moi : O ! What else do you want? Why is this down at number 17? He was of German, Swiss-German, English, and Irish descent. I love Linkin Park almost as much as I love Green Day. If more people got the chance to hear them, they'd love them too. The white stripes defined the 2000s and came out with countless rock anthems like Seven Nation Army, Fell in Love With a Girl, and Icky Thump. Rock all the way? Their music and lyrics are always inspiring. It's no surprise that Gerard Way is a comic book writer as well as a brilliant lyricist and gut-wrenching singer. If you've never listened to them, I can't urge you enough to give them a listen. Je ne sais si ce serait buvable. That's simply not true. [Par Hervé Resse] Les années 2000 ont permis l’éclosion d’une nouvelle génération prolifique de rockers … À côté des valeurs reconnues, des institutions, retour sur quelques apparitions salutaires à l’aube de ce damné nouveau millénaire … Tu serais pas grossophobe, toua ? Quant à celui qui se présentait comme son frère (en réalité son mari, un temps), il triturait ses guitares comme un possédé du démon. Three Days Grace has always to me very hard to put into one genre. His parents divorced when he was eight years old. No, My Chemical Romance is not a pop emo band as some think. Inrocks 2 - 100 meilleurs albums des années 2000. by Eglantine Rabaud. I was very familiar with the band Nirvana, so I knew that if it's going to be a band started by Dave Grohl, I had to at least stand by and be involved. Pages dans la catégorie « Groupe de musique américain des années 2000 » Cette catégorie contient 796 pages, dont 200 sont affichées ci-dessous. They represent everything music should be. Still call them bad? Every part of him just bleeds talent and every band he's been in has been amazing. Crooners are singers who sing in a soft, intimate style made possible by the introduction of microphones and amplification. Just an absolute masterpiece of a band. clock. Mais à ce compte-là, la place aux jeunes, dîtes ! Arcade Fire is the band that defined the sound of this decade, just like Nirvana did in the 90s. It starts off slow, and gradually builds momentum until they hit you with just a full auditory onslaught of screams, bass riffs, and guitar riffs with the heavy drums in the background that ties into everything else. « metal folk » ? They are beautiful! Matt is indeed much better than I have expected. Rise Against delivers a sound that is always new and you won't know what expect except for the fact that it will please you. Every album has a different sound. Mais vous savez comme sont parfois les rock critiques : aussi prompts à dézinguer ce jour ce qu’ils vénéraient deux mois plus tôt. I'm a huge My Chemical Romance fan but blink is genius for modern pop-punk along with Green Day that is. Yet, they're one of my favorite bands of this decade besides Muse, A7X, Green Day, My Chem and Linkin Park. Bring them higher or else the rock gods won't be pleased, I feel so horrible now, I ended up voting for My chemical Romance instead of Rise Against. The white stripes defined the 2000s and came out with countless rock anthems like Seven Nation Army, Fell in Love With a Girl, and Icky Thump. My Chemical Romance wouldn't even sound the way they do without these guys! They can play these unbelievable guitar riffs that are unlike anything you have ever heard. C’est ce côté bancal, l’idée qu’ils pourraient ensemble devenir monstrueux alors qu’ils n’y parviennent jamais totalement, qui les rend attachants et uniques. "Pressure" and "Misery Business" shook the punk rock world for me. The Foos, Linkin Park, Killers, Disturbed? Damn it sucks. I'm college aged and at the show I saw people in their 40's to kids about 12 and everyone of them sang and felt the music. Dave Grohl drumming plus Homme equals genius. Breath, Until the End, I will not Bow, Give me a Sign, Dance with the Devil, Evil Angel, Dear Agony, etc. Linkin Park is far from #1, sure their music was great early in their career but they have fallen far from decent rock music. I'm not very accord to this list. Parce qu’elle est grosse ? Ses déclarations provocantes, ou plutôt rafraichissantes, puisque clamant le droit à vivre pleinement sa (ou ses) différence (s). They write about so much more. , All The Small Things, Anthem Pt. Un tas d’autres morceaux flamboyants fond de cet album un appel aux dons de superlatifs.

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